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2016 Sustainability Champion – The City of Camden

2016 Sustainability Champion – The City of Camden

At the end of each year, the Board of Freeholders recognizes a municipality that has stood out as a leader in sustainability.

This year’s winner is the City of Camden. The City of Camden received Silver certification in November for the second time through the Sustainable Jersey program.  This is currently the highest level awarded.  Camden was the first municipality in the State to pass a Sustainability Ordinance, which is meant to address the impacts of air and water pollution on the environment and residents of the City.  Camden’s Green Team is a robust group comprised of nearly 30 organizations, both private and non-profit, as well as City and County agencies, residents, and businesses.

In 2013, the City of Camden, with the support of Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, Camden County MUA, New Jersey DEP, and the United States EPA, launched the Camden Collaborative Initiative. The CCI was formed to plan and implement innovative strategies to improve the environment and the quality of life of Camden’s residents. Camden SMART is another collaborative effort that is working on innovative approaches to reduce flooding in the City by implementing many green and gray infrastructure projects.   To date Camden SMART has constructed a total of 49 rain gardens and other green projects throughout the City which capture and treat over 60 million gallons of stormwater each year.The work of the CCI and Camden SMART have gained both state and national recognition for their ability to show how collaborative efforts can make a significant impact on addressing serious environmental concerns

We are proud to recognize the City of Camden as our Camden County Sustainability Champion for 2016.  Joe Thomas, Economic and Business Development Representative for the City is accepting the award.