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DVRPC Announces Funding for the 2018 Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

The Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) is an opportunity for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to support smart growth in the individual municipalities of the Delaware Valley through initiatives that implement the region’s long-range plan, Connections 2045 Plan for Greater Philadelphia. Eligible municipalities in Cross County Connection’s service area are those located in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties.

This initiative focuses on linking land use and transportation planning by:

  • Supporting local planning projects that will lead to more residential, employment or commercial opportunities in areas designated for growth or redevelopment;
  • Improving the overall character and quality of life within the region to retain and attract business and residents;
  • Enhancing and utilizing the existing transportation infrastructure capacity to reduce demands on the region’s transportation network;
  • Reducing congestion and improving the transportation system’s efficiency by promoting and encouraging the use of transit, bike, and pedestrian transportation modes;
  • Building capacity in our older suburbs and neighborhoods;
  • Reinforcing and implementing improvements in designated Centers; and;
  • Protecting our environment through growth management and land preservation.


The funding supports early stage planning, design, feasibility studies, and capacity building activities that promote smart growth and enhanced efficiency of the transportation network.

Eligible activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Municipal Planning, Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, Growth Management Plans
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trail Plans
  • Walkability Audits
  • Land Use Regulations
  • Revitalization/Redevelopment Plans
  • Traffic Calming Plans
  • Many Other Initiatives

For more detailed information, including the FY 2018 TCDI Program Guidelines and a list of TCDI Project recipients visit  For questions, contact Karen Cilurso, Manager, Community Revitalization, at

Cross County Connection encourages its service area municipalities to take advantage of this grant opportunity, TCDI-funded planning projects often lead to the actual implementation of the project or additional funding sources for implementation. For assistance with project ideas or the application, please contact Ronda R. Urkowitz, PP, AICP, Program Director, Cross County Connection at (856) 596-8228 or or Patrick Farley, AICP, Sr. Land Use and Transportation Planner, Cross County Connection at