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“Get Active NJ” Funding Opportunity

“Get Active NJ” Funding Opportunity

New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN) is helping New Jersey municipalities to become more walkable. When municipalities promote walking and plan for walkability in their community, they create a healthier environment for their residents.

Through funding from the NJ Department of Health, NJPN’s “GET ACTIVE NJ” program provides technical assistance, training and incentives to assist municipalities to find ways to educate stakeholders on different policies that can help promote walking and the many benefits walking can have in their communities. In order to help accomplish this, we offer financial assistance ($3,000) to qualifying communities to help them evaluate their current policies and educate stakeholders on potential policy changes. In addition to financial resources, NJPN provides technical assistance and trainings to municipalities as they move though the policy change process in order to help them navigate its complexities.

Please take a look at the Get Active Toolkit ( which provides information about policies that a municipality can incorporate into their action plans and application.  Please contact me once you have had the opportunity review the information so we can continue to have dialogue on how I may be able to assist your community.

Some potential projects we will be able to help communities which may include:

  • The adoption of a Complete Streets policy
  • The revision of an Open Space and Recreation Plan to include language on walking and linking existing facilities together for pedestrians
  • Sidewalk maintenance ordinances
  • Joint use agreements with schools to allow access to playgrounds beyond school hours
  • Improved lighting requirements for parks and running/walking trails
  • Other policies that will result in increased opportunities for walking in the municipality

1.  Project is policy drive

2. Municipality must have a median household income of $70,000 or less (Can be found on 2010 census data)