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Green Schools – Black Horse Pike Regional School District

Green Schools – Black Horse Pike Regional School District

Newly certified through the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program on August 9, 2016, the three high schools of the Black Horse Pike Regional School District (Timber Creek in Erial, Triton Regional in Runnemede, and Highland in Blackwood) deserve much approbation for their dogged efforts to progress its environmental and ecological stewardship and reduce its carbon footprint. The unified district, and each individual school, has a fully operational Green Team comprised of students, teachers, administrators, and the community. The teams work in collaboration with the each other to identify energy inefficiencies and waste reduction possibilities, preventing the use of excess water, electricity, and other resources.

At the time of certification, a project that began about a year and a half ago was initiated for off-site composting of food waste. The three schools formed a partnership with Organic Diversion, LLC to implement a food waste management system that would institute food waste education, training, and practice. The schools’ Green Teams presented the benefits of composting to the staff and students. Organic Diversion trained faculty and staff, including maintenance and cafeteria workers on proper composting practices and strategies that will ensure effectiveness. In executing the process, the schools utilize their own custom made mobile carts that make it easy for students and staff to make the correct choices when discarding waste. To advance composting, the schools use compostable trays in their cafeterias.

The desire is for composting education and training to encourage students and staff to carry this practice over into their homes. The company picks up the compost every Saturday and disperses it throughout the surrounding region to support organic growth within the larger community. Furthermore, with the addition of an organic garden at each school, students can utilize their own compost and apply their composting knowledge to tend to the gardens.

Monthly compostable materials volume(s) in cubic yards (food scrap/food soiled paper dumpster size(s) x number of collections per month x percentage full when emptied or collected):

  • Triton – 12.73 cubic yards/month
  • Timber Creek – 1 cubic yard x 6 containers x 3 pickups = 18 cubic yards (Containers are 100% full at pickup)