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May 2017 Sustainable Champion – Diggerland USA

May 2017 Sustainable Champion – Diggerland USA

This month’s Sustainability Champion is a local family owned and operated business focused on family fun and adventure in an outdoor environment that promotes sustainability and good clean fun, with dirt!

Diggerland USA is the only construction themed adventure park in North America where children and families can drive, ride and operate ACTUAL machinery. The park, which covers about 14 acres in West Berlin, NJ is comprised of over 25 attractions – the majority of which are real, diesel- powered, full-size, pieces of construction equipment.

Each machine has undergone advanced engineering modifications which make them safe for the public and the environment as the engines use the highest grade eco-friendly diesel fuel to operate, while allowing children as small as 36″ to dig in the dirt with little to no instruction.

Diggerland USA operates all machinery with Tier 4 technology which meets the highest level of EPA emission rules enacted in 2004. The Tier 4 standards require that emissions of Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Oxides be further reduced by about 90%. Such emission reductions can be achieved through the use of control technologies including advanced exhaust gas after treatment, similar to those required by the 2007-2010 standards for highway engines.


We are proud to recognize Diggerland USA and the Girlya Family as our Camden County Sustainability Champion for the month of May.