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NJDEP 2018 Recycling Awards

NJDEP 2018 Recycling Awards

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the Association of New Jersey Recyclers, annually recognizes excellence in recycling. Their goal is to highlight the success of agencies, businesses, individuals and others who go beyond the norm to advance recycling and to make these examples available to others who may emulate them.




2018 Recycling Award Packet


You may nominate yourself, your business/organization, or any other business, individual or organization worthy of recognition. Applicants or projects must:
❒ be located in New Jersey
❒ agree to share their project or program with others
❒ provide supporting documentation for a one-year period (2017)
❒ Award winners from the previous three years are not eligible to participate again this year
❒ Second party nominations must be accompanied by a written authorization from the nominated party agreeing to be considered for the award

The categories for these awards are outlined below. You must identify only one category for each nomination on the application form on page 8. The nomination will be judged against other entries in that category.

Any pre-school, elementary, intermediate or high school, hospital, long-term care facility, nursing home, college, university, or other institution that has implemented a recycling program or expanded an existing program.

Any large or small business that has implemented a recycling program, expanded an existing program, and/or developed and implemented a sustainability plan.

Retail Merchant
Any large or small retail merchant who has implemented a recycling program or expanded an existing program.

A county, municipality, or state agency/instrumentality that has expanded its recycling or buy recycled program.

County, municipal, business, school or other recycling coordinators/leaders who have implemented new recycling programs, expanded existing programs or otherwise fostered the advancement of recycling through years of dedicated service.

Rising Star
Individuals or programs that have achieved exemplary recycling results in previously unsuccessful situations through innovation and persistence.

Outstanding Educator/Educational Program
Any teacher, administrator, community or student group, environmental educator or individual student whose actions have resulted in increased participation in recycling.

Recycling Industry
Any processing facility (Class A, B, C and D), manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, or collector who has contributed to the expansion of recycling in New Jersey.

Source Reduction/Resource Management/Sustainability
Any program that has reduced waste at its source and managed its resources in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Volunteer Citizen
Any New Jersey resident who has, in a voluntary capacity, assisted in the promotion and implementation of recycling in New Jersey.